Dr. Rabaut graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1968. In 1975 she became the owner of Framingham Animal Hospital after purchasing it from Dr. Greene. For years she was active in the Mass Veterinary Medical Association, serving on several committees, and she was President of the Association in 1999. She was the recipient of the MVMA Distinguished Service Award in 1999 and the Tufts University Henry Childers Award for her educational contributions to Tufts veterinary students in 2006. In June of 2018, she celebrated 50 years in practice. Her goal in the future is to continue sharing her extensive veterinary experience and skills with her associates as they take over more of the active caseloads at the practice.

Dr. Rabaut loves all outdoor activities, winter and summer, especially the “quiet” sports. She also has a large family, including 20 nieces and nephews, 9 nieces and nephews in-law, and 19 great nieces and nephews. In the coming years, Dr. Rabaut will be spending more time away to enjoy them all in person.