Every person like our own

While we’re most proud of the expertise with which we care for pets, it’s the way we care for people that makes this place special. Here, we treat you like family. Like one of our own. We take the time to understand your thoughts. Your concerns. Your needs. We listen, and we never judge. We get to the bottom of your problems, whatever they may be, and we treat them like we would our own. Here, you’ll find more than a team that takes incredible care of your pet. You’ll find a team that cares for you the way you deserve.

Like Our Own

Everyone you interact with is supportive, kind, helpful and knowledgeable. I have brought all of my kids to this practice for a very long time. My animals are family and I trust my family’s care to FAH. They are the best and I am grateful for all the FAH team.


Dr Brady is so empathetic and understanding. She comes through for my dog Buddy and his constant problems

Lisa L.

I have been bringing my furry family here for years. Very caring and compassionate not just with my pets but also with me and family.

Denise F.

Awesome animal hospital! Would not take my cats anywhere else!

Terry N.

I feel very comfortable about my visits there and they take good care of my dog.

Suzanne L.

Best vets in the state! My pup loves going to see Dr. C and they always treat him so well; I have the utmost trust in them. We always say that we feel like they treat our pup like family, which is exactly what you’d want from a vet. Wouldn’t take my pup anywhere else!!

Priscilla G.

My cat has a semi-traumatic past and suffers from very high anxiety and stress. Additionally, she is 15 years old. She recently developed an infection. I am new to the area and have brought my cat to FAH twice, and also had a virtual chat session about some other problems my cat was having. The 3 vets I have dealt with: Dr. Monroe, Dr. Barney, and Dr. Yagodzinski have been nothing less than amazing. I was worried about my cat and was sad that I could not accompany her due to COVID-19. The vets were very kind and patient throughout all my visits. They talked to me outside before taking my cat in and then talked to me outside afterwards, too. They are very professional and I can tell they really care about animals. My cat is beginning to feel better – thank you FAH! I highly recommend this animal hospital and am happy to be a client of theirs!

Holly B.

We’ve been bringing our 2 dogs and 1 cat to FAH since 2004. Several times the animals have been seriously ill and the docs always seemed very deliberate, methodical and diligent as they observed, examined, tested, diagnosed, treated and monitored the animals. We want to do the right thing for our animals. We have a limited budget. The docs are always very helpful about helping us decide where that money is best spent and which tests to do first in order to get the best health care. They have half a dozen docs and they consult readily with each other if there is a question. If they don’t know something, they say so. If I phone in with a problem, there’s always a doc who can speak with me right then. Often they can solve the problem right over the phone. Everyone here really seems to know and love what they do. Quality veterinary care may seem expensive but I’m pretty sure that these same people could be making more money in human medicine. I see very little turnover in the docs or staff. 10 years and countless visits and I can’t think of a thing to complain about. I greatly value my personal relationship with all the helpful people here. Doctors Rabaut, Nord, Yagodzinski, Monroe Carpenter, Tichy; techs Louis, Matt, Mary; admins Melissa, Debbie, Glenda, Janet, Darcy, Amanda, Lydia, Taylor; and to everyone I forgot…. Thanks, John Platt

John P.

My animals have used this vet for a very long time. The doctors are always professional and compassionate, and the nurses and technicians are always pleasant and caring. They always respond promptly to requests and have even called to check in after an illness visit. I have no complaints, just high praise.


I am a sudden new patient with an emergency situation. Framingham Animal Hospital has made great efforts to accommodate us in a short time frame. I am already very grateful to the practice for being so responsive and kind over phone and e-mail. Update 3/3/2021 – Angel is now cancer free so far as we can tell! Dr. C and the team here are amazing and my Angel hardly even has a scar after her surgery!