In January 2016 our hospital lost its mascot, its staff supporter, and its patient advocate. Popeye, our one-eyed hospital greeter for the last 10 years, has passed away.

We know many of you were touched by him (and perhaps your pet too)! We will never forget him. ·There is a void now in our·practice where he used to be.

He was constantly Watching. Observing. Greeting. Passing good vibes and support, on his own initiative, to patients in the hospital that seemed to be distressed. He had an innate way of going where he was needed. He would come into an exam room and sit quietly with a client whose pet was very ill. He would sit outside a patient’s cage and his presence would seem to give that patient comfort.

I have never seen anything like that in my practice life.

We all wish you a good rest now, Popeye, a rest much deserved. We thank you for teaching us all patience, perseverance, courage, and love. We have learned so much. Don’t let us forget.

FAH Doctors and Staff