(2002 – 2019)

We took a chance and rescued him from Buddy Dog (our first) and weren’t sure how it would turn out. All we really knew about him is that he wanted out of there! We cleaned him up and brought him in to our home and it was like he had been there since he was a puppy. Diesel (aka the Big Deez) loved everyone and everything. We affectionately called him “big man” as when he would see another dog on a walk, he would stand up straighter, and puff himself up to (in his mind) look bigger!

Near the end, when parts stopped working so well, he would try to go on walks, for me, as I think he knew that it would make me feel like the end wasn’t near. He loved us all unconditionally and we miss him terribly still. He was truly my best friend…..RIP Big Man!!