(2004 - 2021) PJ passed today 3/22/2021 My Husband and I rescued him as a stray kitten from a colony in Quincy in June of 2004. He was quite the character. Not the most lovable cat, but when he wanted cuddles, he would come to us on his own terms for those cuddles. He passed [...]


(2005 – 2020) To our loving and clever boy, Julius, who passed away peacefully at home with us after 15 wonderful years together. You always delighted us with your big personality. It was our honor to love you and spoil you with kisses every day. You will be missed forever.


(2002 - 2019) We took a chance and rescued him from Buddy Dog (our first) and weren't sure how it would turn out. All we really knew about him is that he wanted out of there! We cleaned him up and brought him in to our home and it was like he had been there [...]


(2006 - 2019) What can I say about Roger. A gentle, easy going, chill of a cat. Large, 24 pounds at his heaviest. Loving, quiet, sweet. Everyone loved Roger, friends, vets, everyone. He will be missed by my Husband Peter and myself. Letting him go was the hardest thing we have had to do in [...]


(2006-2019) When we took a chance and adopted you, our first rescued dog, into our family, we had no idea how much you would mean to us. Though we knew this day would come, nothing has prepared our hearts for how much it hurts that you are no longer here to greet us with unadulterated [...]

Oscar Savignano

(2003 - 2017) You no longer greet me, As I walk through the door. You’re not there to make me smile, To make me laugh anymore. Life seems quiet without you, You were far more than a pet. You were a family member, a friend, A loving soul I’ll never forget. It will take time [...]


May 2001 - July 2016 Hattie 15 years young. Lover of life. Best friend, companion, neighbor. Hope the fields you run in now are beautiful and sunny and warm. Thanks for teaching us.

Terso Adamson

Terso Adamson (2008-2016), the sweetest-natured Tibetan Spaniel that ever lived—gone too soon. If he could have talked, he might have said “I never met a lovin’ I didn’t like.”


In January 2016 our hospital lost its mascot, its staff supporter, and its patient advocate. Popeye, our one-eyed hospital greeter for the last 10 years, has passed away. We know many of you were touched by him (and perhaps your pet too)! We will never forget him. ·There is a void now in our·practice where [...]

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